Saturday, July 20, 2013

Designer Diaries : Karina Balda from NovaMar

This week, as part of our Designer Diaries Series, I had the pleasure of interviewing the handmade jewelry designer Karina Balda from NovaMar. Her one-of-a-kind jewelry collection features a mix of natural stones with modern metal designs. Its fun, refreshing, and ooh-so-delightful.

Tell us a little bit about yourself .

I am a wacky, loving down to earth girl! By day I work in a hotel and by night I design.  I sprinkle in time to cook, bake and blog. I am always taking pictures of what inspires me or makes me laugh. There is just not enough hours in a day for everything I do, but I make it happen.

How did you first become interested in the visual arts ?

I believe I was born loving it. My dad is a jeweler and my mom is very creative. The creativity just flows from both sides of my family just in different ways. It just rubbed off on me.

I started off making seed bead bracelets last year and buying my supplies at Michael’s. What can I say I was  total newbie and I didn’t know where else to look. Once I got the seed bead thing packed down I started experimenting with other materials and techniques, in just a year I have come a long way since my first designs.

You mentioned in your shop that your motto is “no two stars are alike.” What is it about designing one-of-a-kind creations that you love ?

We are all unique in one way or another and I want my jewelry to speak to people of all walks of life. I want my store to be a reflection of me, with that comes different designs and techniques. There might be a variation of the same item but they will always have something different about them.

What is your favorite accessory from you collection ?

There are so many to choose from but if I had to play favorites it would be my bezel bracelets they are simple, elegant and can be mixed and matched.

5. What accessory from your collection should all fashionistas have for Fall 2013 ?

I would say the new bracelet sets I have just added. They are the trending colors for Fall 2013 and still have a bright essence about them. Plus anything that can be made from day to night is my best friend.

Love her accessories checkout her lovely collection !

Thank you Karina Balda for this delightful interview and for sharing with us your beautiful creations !